BD forgeries - The TRUTH will out!
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2015-05-20 04:24:13 UTC
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On Tue, 19 May 2015 22:34:08 +0100, The REAL BD on BlockNews
On 19/05/2015 21:21, Clamidia Ramsbottom, Secretary, Woman's
Good evening, my name is Clamidia Ramsbottom. I work at GCHpooh.
One of our operatives at M15, Dave [the boater] claims he is
being forged and he's not the one making nasty posts to lots of
Dave changes his posting host more often than a whore changes
her knickers so technically it's kinda not provable but the
Banana Boy seems to be indicating that Dave is a fucking liar.
Excuse my French.
I'm buggered if I'm going to phone the NSA at this time of night.
So in the interest of British justice I call upon Boater Dave to
declare which posts are forgeries so that I may investigate his
lies fully.
*THIS post is genuine*! :-)
Please inform Jax that the ban on Jax posting in Scorched-Earth is
now lifted.
I have no intention of playing errand boy for a blackmailer.
You shouldn't have forged posts in BD's name. Really you shouldn't.
Nice diversion but no cigar.
So where are these forgeries that you claim exist? Because I checked
Sycho's list and they all look kosher to me. There's up to twenty of
each with the same posting host and they all look to be yours.
Try THIS one! *I* didn't post it! ;-)
Subject: New thread for Sycho and his followers
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Regardless, Jax MAY post again without fear of disclosure. *TRUST ME*!
Thank you in anticipation of your help.
Sent from my iFurryUnderbelly.
Sent from my iFurryUnderbelly.
I've fucked up now. The goat that I fuck every other day got loose
in the neighborhood.
I'm a piece of shit for fucking goats, but it gets my rocks off
when my wife can't make it happen.
I'm going to fuck up those assholes on kooks and give them a
shitload of pay back.

Let's you and me fuck em up real good, froz. Come get me fuckers.
Siri Cruz - Gregory fag - Cujo shithead - Checkmate another
shithead - Col. Burke the coward pansy. heh! Sockpuppet you sorry
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Da name iz Sycho - the craziest asshole on usenet. Cum be my
Be alert. The world needs more lerts.
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2015-05-21 05:34:39 UTC
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Time to spin the kooks up again. Melt, kooks, melt. <snicker>
Post by Sycho
I'm going to fuck up those assholes on kooks and give them a
shitload of pay back.
Sounds like fun. Let me know if you need any assistance.
Post by Sycho
Let's you and me fuck em up real good, froz. Come get me fuckers.
Siri Cruz - Gregory fag - Cujo shithead - Checkmate another
shithead - Col. Burke the coward pansy. heh! Sockpuppet you sorry
asshole and Snitcum! I'm havin' a party baby. I'll take all you
fuckers on. By the way pooh dickhead, suck on dick.
Da name iz Sycho - the craziest asshole on usenet. Cum be my
Together you and I would have the kooks spasmodically twitching and
screaming in fear and bewilderment as they mainlined anti-psychotic

I say we go after Robert M. Wolfe the tranny-wannabe of 5907 Stanton
Ave., Pittsburgh, PA (aka Teh Mop Jockey), socked up as
<***@>, first.

Driving DildoRider insane will be a very short drive. Get the easiest
stuff out of the way first.

Wherein I shred Burnore's version of events
(read: Burnore's lies) with the truth... liars lie, it's what
Convicted Child Molester Gary Lee 'DiddleTard' Burnore does:
Message-ID: <***@dizum.com>

Message-ID: <***@dizum.com>

Message-ID: <kiunju$dgm$***@newsfeed.x-privat.org>

Gary Lee Burnore
137 Meadowbrook Lane
Davidson, NC 28036

SSN: 316-70-3613
DOB: 10-13-1957
BORN: Southbend, IN

Operator of the Databasix.com NNTP server, and the
following domains:

Databasix.com was recently shut down and has purportedly
been bought and set up again by another person of similar
ilk as Gary Lee Burnore. Some believe it is Mr. Burnore,
under a false name.

Gary Lee Burnore was convicted of sexually molesting a minor
in 1997 in California.

Police Narrative Pages 1-7

Gary Lee Burnore's police confession:

His conviction brought with it the requirement that he
register for life as a sexual offender in any state he
resided in:

Gary Lee Burnore's signed Sexual Offender Registration form:

The above, zoomed in:

Rather than face what he'd done, Gary Lee Burnore violated
his probation to avoid the consequences of his sexual
offender conviction and its lifetime registration
requirement. He secretly absconded from CA to NC; attempted
to evade his probation officer; failed to register as a
convicted sexual offender; failed to attend court-ordered
psychological counseling; and tried to evade paying victim
restitution. For his efforts, CA hauled him back into court
and petitioned to revoke his probation:

Petition To Revoke Probation Pages 1-3

Because of an inconsistency in the legalese between the
California Interstate Compact for Adult Offender
Supervision (CA ICAOS) board and the NC ICAOS board, Gary
Lee Burnore was able to get his conviction pleaded down
to "Assault On Female" in North Carolina (except for that,
he'd be listed on the NC Department of Public Safety
website as a Convicted Sexual Offender, registered for
life as a sexual predator):

North Carolina Department Of Public Safety (NC DPS):

Short URL:

You'll notice on the website directly above that Gary Lee
Burnore is listed as a "California Interstate Compact

There are only three ways to get listed on the CA ICAOS
Narcotics Offender
Arson Offender
Sexual Offender

Gary Lee Burnore, despite his denials, is a convicted
sexual offender, and we know this from the scanned
documents above, and because he REMAINS on the NC
Department of Public Safety website as a California
Interstate Compact Offender. If he were either of the
other two types of offender (Narcotics, Arson), he'd have
aged off the CA ICAOS list by now, but convicted sexual
offenders are listed for life.

Gary Lee Burnore has already admitted that the record on
that NC DPS page is his:

Message-ID: <jjtrbk$liq$***@reader1.panix.com>
Gary Lee Burnore describes why he got the reckless
driving conviction reflected in his NC DPS record:
"I did a reverse 180 and then a rolling burnout on a bet.
Naturally, cop saw me. Google Reverse 180. THEN google 66
Newport. You'll see why it was spectacular. Well worth
three days picking up leaves. ;)"

Note that this proves (and that Gary Lee Burnore admits)
that the NC DPS record in question is his, 'Assault on
Female' conviction, Interstate Compact Offender listing,
and all.

Note that 'Assault' and 'Assault On Female' are not the
same thing. 'Assault On Female' encompasses domestic
abuse, sexual battery, etc., as North Carolina recognizes
two forms of assault... the regular "show of violence"
type, and a "serious mental injury" type. Burnore falls
into the second type, merely because NC didn't have an
identical statute that the NC ICAOS could charge him
with to reflect his CA conviction for molesting a minor,
and he had a good lawyer who worked hard to reclassify
Burnore's conviction in CA to as innocuous a conviction
as was possible in NC.

Note also that 'Assault On Female' in NC is a Class A1
misdemeanor, which is the most serious misdemeanor class.

Note also that in North Carolina, an 'Assault On Female'
arrest entails an automatic 48 hour mandatory jail hold
where the arrestee cannot bond out for that 48 hours,
handily disproving Burnore's claim that he never went to
jail for his actions.

That's why his NC DPS web page entry for his "Assault
On Female" conviction also has a "Sentence Type 3: DEPT

But we already knew Burnore is a liar, right?

Gary Lee Burnore's PGP-signed confessional post:

Gary Lee Burnore now disavows having made that
confessional PGP-signed post, and has for years asserted
that the child he was convicted of molesting either seduced
him into doing what he did, or sexually assaulted him as he
slept (he's made both claims), as well as claiming that
_none_ of it happened, that it was all a plot by someone
he'd harassed online, that he'd never spent any time in
prison... except he forgets his NC DPS record, and the CA
ICAOS listing reflected therein.

If you don't believe any of the above, you could always
call 408-261-5400 (Santa Clara Police Department Detective
Division) and ask to speak to a Brian Lane (badge: Lane
7281), the police officer who signed Burnore's arrest
warrant and prepared Burnore's Police
Narrative/Supplemental Report.

Or, you could call Paul Bick Nguyen (Nguyen Bich) at
408-288-9224. He was Burnore's attorney.

More reading material:
Message-ID: <***@anonymitaet-im-inter.net>

Message-ID: <***@dizum.com>

Message-ID: <***@dizum.com>

Message-ID: <***@remailer.privacy.at>

Message-ID: <k74fb5$s0e$***@newsfeed.x-privat.org>

Message-ID: <kipe34$nov$***@newsfeed.x-privat.org>

Message-ID: <kiunju$dgm$***@newsfeed.x-privat.org>

Message-ID: <ko6jdg$7gt$***@news.mixmin.net>