A long detailed reply to the anontard coward :)
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2017-04-01 21:52:16 UTC
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I didn't lie, anontard. You're quoting me out of context.
He drove the woman out of scorched-earth. Promised if she'd leave
he'd leave her alone. After she left, one of his asslicking
buddies informed DustyBoi Cook that the woman was in
alt.home.repair. He then attempted to drive her our of that group.
I alone did this? :) You clearly don't have the facts here. Jenn
wanted to play games. Jenn had every opportunity to stop, she chose
not to do so.
Dustin Cook aka Diesel's savage threat to KILL JENN!
"Remember, asshole, Jenn spent time in the hospital over the last
war. She really couldn't handle the stress. I have absolutely no
problem bringing her stress levels that made the previous ones a
walk in the park. Do you suppose her heart is up to it this time?
GM told me she had to go to hospital thinking she was having a
heart attack last time I dox'd her. Or maybe it was the swingers
sites she was signed up too. That probably generated a lot of
unwanted phone calls, emails, and possible in person visits. I
have no problem completing the mission this time.
Actually, I didn't threaten to kill Jenn. I clearly stated that I
had no issues bringing her stress level right back up. And, contrary
to what BD posted the other day, Jenn did goto the hospital due to a
very high level of stress, after she was royally 'outed'; She didn't
think I could figure out who she was irl or where she lived. She was
wrong. The individual who told me what was going on with her was the
same individual who brokered the cease fire deal. A deal she agreed
to. I didn't run her anywhere, she left as per the terms of the
deal. I can provide MIDs which support my claims, if you'd like.
David Brooks tossed her under the bus, and despite his claims of
everything being uber good between him and her, they weren't. She
realized he wasn't really her friend, because, he was given several
opportunities to have an end put to the 'war' and he put himself
above her every single time.

Eventually leading up to her being outed. Royally, outed. Again, the
information came from the same mutual friend Jenn and I had that
brokered the cease fire arrangement. Neither David came to her aid,
btw. I have no reason to suspect the individual was lying to me
about any of this. He actually did care about her. The Davids claim
to have, but, when push came to shove, they showed they weren't
really her friend. I doubt she corresponds with either of them at
this point.
And, maybe, just maybe, the next obituary post we get to see will
be hers. I'd be okay with those results. How about you?"
Yep. I don't like her, and, I care about as much now about her as I
did then. She wrote some choice things, she paid for what she wrote.
It's just that simple.
Dustin Cook is a psychopath.
Well, actually, no, I'm not. You should ask for a full refund for
your psy classes.
Dustin Cook is dangerous.
That's true enough. I certainly can be. Anyone can be dangerous
depending on the situation, though.
Dustin Cook "dox's" women, posting their names, addys and phone
numbers, hoping some crazy nut will follow through on their own
and actual carry out his psychotic threats of rape and killing.
(He even posted a picture of this woman's home, along with her
name, addy and phone number.)
He won't attempt to follow through himself on these threats
because he is a COWARD. That is why he is now being acknowledged
I can't be a coward AND dangerous, dumb shit. Besides, everybody
knows who the real coward is. The one who has to hide behind a
remailer, for fear of possibly being held accountable for all the
bullshit flooding you've done the past few years. Yes, I saved your
original explanation for why you use the remailers, too.
He is a sick, dangerous psychopath who should have been locked up
long ago.
Do you really think your flooding efforts will accomplish that? I've
got more bad news for you then. Most usenet providers have a
retention limit. Take the one I use for example:


Retention is currently 3 years for de.*, 160 days for the Big 8, 130
days for alt.* and 90 days for other hierarchies. I realize your a
bit of a technological moron, so I'll explain what that means to
you. 130 days from now, this post (and yours) won't be available via
ES anymore. It isn't kept forever. So, if a new user uses ES (and
why not, it's a great free server) 130+ days from now, this thread
won't even be available to them. My ISP usenet server has a longer
retention time, but, it doesn't go back years, either. Why waste the
storage space? Especially considering how many new posts are created
on a daily basis in the alt newsgroups alone. I realize you've never
setup an nntp server and are clueless how it works on a technical
level (this is to my advantage, obviously), but, that's how it is.

The only realistic chance you have is for suckers to rely on google
groups, and, that's hoping your massive flooding isn't flagged
enough times as abuse, and, I don't use XNA. Google doesn't keep
archives of XNA posts beyond six days. Since google groups doesn't
support client based newsgroup reading, you won't be able to depend
on that as a decent enough 'warning' system. You should also know
that many old timers to usenet filter google groups due to the lousy
way in which google posts to usenet as well as the spam generated.

If people are seriously interested in usenet, they'll use their ISP
uplink (and if that isn't available, since many ISPs no longer run
one because, well, usenet is more of a niche market these days)
they'll use either a free one, or one of the paid ones. Either way,
retention times vary and I know of none that archive forever. Say,
two years from now, another newbie figures out how to access usenet
with a real client; they won't see your flooding posts or mine. So
when they get all new headers, none of these 'conversations' ever
took place.

In other words, anontard coward, you're wasting your time and
energy. I'm not going away, I'm not ever going to back down. And
you'll ALWAYS have to make sure you don't fuckup and expose yourself
as the anontard remailer. You've seen some of what I'm capable of.
You know what would happen to you if you did.

I don't use credit cards to pay for the information I acquire, I've
never had to do that. I can find it on my own. Being a Hacker does
have some advantages over common people, like yourself.

Btw, You commented that I was arrested over the Melissa virus and
placed on probation as a result of it. Where is your proof of this?
IROK was written well after the author of Melissa was busted.
Another thing, since we're on the subject of viruses. You claimed
that I stole code from other virus writers to create mine. That's
not true, either. Mine are 100% original written by me, using a
language that no other vxer used at the time. Infact, to this day,
I'm the only vxer to have used the language I did to write them.

You also stated that my site hosted other peoples viruses and I
passed them around like candy. Well, more bad news for you. My pro
vx sites only hosted MY WORK. And, none of it could infect you or
anybody else simply by downloading it. You had to take additional
steps to make it 'active' - Nobody has to take my word for this, you
can search google yourself for proof of this. My viruses were
crippled as available from my site and included documentation
stating what they were, what the payload(s) were, and how to enable
full functionality.

You claimed that I threatened to place a bomb on Eagles ride, but,
you neglected to provide any post snippit written by me saying so,
or an MID for people to go and checkout. I *never* made any such
threat to the indian. You completely made that up.

You claimed that I blamed my mom for an alt.sex post. LOL, not
hardly. I took responsibility for my part in that happening, but, I
didn't personally make the post in question. Another user on my
network, fucking around did. I'm guilty of providing them the
information they shared, but, that was my only part in it. And, they
posted under a handle that belonged to me as a 'joke' towards me.

You also claimed that I was threatening to shoot pax in the head and
you shared a post that was supposed to support that claim, but, it
doesn't. The post you shared clearly shows Pax defending me. You
can't read attribution lines for shit. You claimed I infected a
cancer research dr last year, or was it the one prior? You provided
two different names, again, because you have serious reading
comprehension difficulty. Dr Costas was the cancer research dr, and
he was never infected by any of my work. Dr Costas and I had a
discussion previously and that's what Randy Abrahms was writing
about when he wrote that Irok was my gift to Dr Costas. Mr Abrahms
wasn't the cancer research dr. Neither was Leon Koch. You previously
posted that Abrahms and later, Koch was the cancer research dr that
I supposedly infected.

*I* didn't infect any of them, though. Mr Koch was infected by Irok,
but, it wasn't directly because of me. He posted stating where he
thought he got it when he posted asking for help dealing with it. He
was quite civil towards me and not at all impressed with AV at the
time, because they claimed once the payload triggered, his data was
toast. Only, it wasn't. Iroks payload was a 1980s copy protection
trick, no file contents were deleted or even messed with for that
matter. What Irok actually did was rename all files/folders in root
to extended high ascii characters with random attribute settings.
Some hidden, some set to system, randomly. It 'semi' simulated an HD
crash, but, if you knew what you were doing, you quickly realized no
crash had actually taken place. The free space and used space values
weren't 'out there' as you'd expect to see from file system damage.
They weren't even touched!

Mr koch was able to recover access to ALL of his data without the
assistance of the Avers at the time, and, he even went so far as to
thank me for not making the payload too harsh, as he proceeded to
chastise the Avers who falsely claimed Irok wasted his hard disk.
Had he listened to them and just reformatted, he would have lost his
data that wasn't backed up. he was smart enough not to take their
word for it.

You also claimed that my viruses were piles of shit and poorly
written. I assure you, that isn't the case. AV/VX alike would
disagree with you. They did exactly as they were written to do and
they all made wildlist. You can't make wildlist if your virus is a
piece of shit with a lot of bugs. To make wildlist, your virus has
to spread and spread a lot. A buggy virus won't survive and thus,
won't make wildlist.

Concerning my old DOS programs, heh, ZDnet (you ever heard of it, or
was it before your time?) didn't agree with you. Every single one
that I submitted for review AND publication won four out of five
possible stars. I still have some of the reviews saved. If you'd
like, I'll post them so you can read them yourself. Who knows, you
might find more 'dirt' to flood about me with.

You claimed that I stole the name Core Technologies.. heh, not hardly.

My little software company called Core Technologies was around in
the late 80s-early 90s. I predated the ones via search results by a
decade or more. If anything, they stole the name from me. LOL!

As for BugHunter, heh, completelyfreesoftware gave it the highest
award possible and stated, "It's a must have for PC users!" You
don't have to take my word for it. Here's the url with the review:


As for your assumption that I was 'fired' from Malwarebytes for not
getting along with a co-worker, that's an outright lie on your part
too. One, I wasn't fired. Two, I had no issues with Miekemos during
the time I worked with her.

As for my comment about Malwarebytes having turned into a pile of
shit, it has. See project zeros writeup concerning the
vulnerabilities the company exposed users of the software to, for
years! prior to it becoming public knowledge:


Or, if that's not good enough for you, (many of those flaws still
haven't been fixed btw!) You can always hop on over to the official
Malwarebytes forums and do some reading. The software has turned
into a pile of shit, especially with the buggy as all hell v3x
series releases. They're making claims the software has no actual
code to support, too.

As in, replacement for your antivirus; ONLY AN IDIOT would uninstall
his/her antivirus and rely on malwarebytes alone to keep them safe.
The staff with Malwarebytes does NOT have the experience and/or
knowledge when it comes to dealing with self replicating programs.
IE: viruses and worms. Viruses and worms are NOT trojans, which is
what Malwarebytes has always dealt with. They delete the trojan,
restore registry keys, you're good to go, sometimes. With a
virus/worm, that methodology will not work.

The virus doesn't exist as a single .exe file you can just delete
and be done with. It's literally inside other executables (file
infector type) present on your machine. It must be removed from said
executables in order to cure your machine from it, if that's even
possible. It depends on the virus and it's infection style.

Sometimes, as part of the infection process, critical bytes aren't
saved and exact byte restoration isn't possible as a result. In
those cases, it's better to delete the file and replace it with a
known clean one. Malwarebytes has no real way of doing that.

Malwarebytes has no way presently to disinfect an infected
executable. The only option they can give you, assuming they can
detect the virus in the first place is to delete the file. Well, if
you have thousands of infected files, you're pretty much fucked if
you go that route. Better to use a real AV that can in many cases,
disinfect the infected files, instead.

If I wanted to waste more of my time, I could easily provide more
examples of you writing completely from your ass, but what's the
point. You aren't about to even try addressing the points I raised
in this post. You've got nothing to stand on, and, everybody who
knows me and my past know it!

Even BoaterDave has realized what you are. And, that's impressive
for him.

Looking forward to more flooding from you. I'm fascinated by the
amount of time and effort you've put into your smear campaign. If
anybody is being a 'cyber bully' in this case, it's you, by far.

mic drop - heh
Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught. - J.C. Watts
2017-04-01 22:51:59 UTC
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Diesel <***@privacy.net> wrote:

<snipped the troll feeding>

Yep, Diesel is proving to be a troll. The troll to which he replies did
NOT include this newsgroup in his Newsgroups header and did not use a
FollowUp-To header. Diesel chose to post his troll feeding here, not
the troll. Diesel also did not reply as he pretends. His post is not a
reply. There is no References header. He is *multi*-posting his fake
reply to feed a troll to multiple UNRELATED newsgroups and which were
NEVER specified in the parent post to which he is pretending he is
2017-04-02 11:16:32 UTC
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Post by VanguardLH
<snipped the troll feeding>
Yep, Diesel is proving to be a troll. The troll to which he
replies did NOT include this newsgroup in his Newsgroups header
and did not use a FollowUp-To header. Diesel chose to post his
troll feeding here, not the troll. Diesel also did not reply as
he pretends. His post is not a reply. There is no References
header. He is *multi*-posting his fake reply to feed a troll to
multiple UNRELATED newsgroups and which were NEVER specified in
the parent post to which he is pretending he is replying.
*sigh* you seem a bit slow...

Message-ID: <***@remailer.org.uk>

This is one of several newsgroups the anontard stalked me to and
flooded. As a result, I made sure my reply was copied as a new post
to each one of them. The reply originated in alt.politics.scorched-
earth in the thread 'a song for you dustin' Instead of my reply being
isolated to that thread, I opted to 'start new thread' instead as
well as give it a new subject name. This why it has no reference
lines, as uhh, My reply is being treated as the first post in a new

My post is infact, a reply to the post you can find via the message
ID above. It's just been copied to each newsgroup that has
experienced the anontards flooding and bullshit. Nothing more to it
than that.

For someone intent on educating me about usenet headers, it wouldn't
hurt you a bit to learn how they actually work, before you offer your
'education'. thanks, all the same.
Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are
too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get
by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught. - J.C. Watts